About SafeDay

SafeDay Canada was established in response to a need identified during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our vision was to create a Canadian based workplace solution that will play an active role in assisting Canadians with battling the COVID 19 crisis. It is also our intent to provide the general public with an opportunity to gain back some of the quality of life practices that the current situation has taken from them during these unprecedented times.

Evidence provided by the Federal and Provincial Government’s and other NGO’s has highlighted the challenges we are currently enduring in relation to the availability of quality PPE.  It has quickly become evident that one of the most impactful ways SafeDay can assist with mitigating this challenge is to distribute Canadian-made disposable masks and COVID-19 related products.

An executive team was assembled in March of 2020 that consisted of funding, warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, import, process engineering, government procurement and other related disciplines. SafeDay Canada has now been established and is working diligently to provide its much-needed products to Canadians as expeditiously as possible


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